Bombs and Zombies

Bombs and Zombies

Bombs and Zombies is a pretty simple game, but it does not make it boring by any means, because zombies are always cool. As it might be evident from the name here you wil..

Who has never heard about the walking dead, the notorious cadavers that came back to life and now crave succulent human brains. Yes, that is right here we are talking about zombie games. They seems to be so popular that they even received their own category, which is really cool and this way it is always easy to find exactly what you are looking for. In a way we might say that these games really changed smartphone gaming. Usually games about the walking dead belong to the arcade or shooting games category, but the main characters are always zombies.

Do you like zombie killer games?

So what is so exciting about those games? Well it is obviously suspense and adrenaline rush, cause in most cases these games are zombie survivals this means that you have to literary kill hordes of nasty walking dead and to last as long as you can. In some cases there is a limit to what you have to do, like after a certain amount of zombies killed you will move on to a next level. so this basically brings us to a conclusion that in most of those games you will have to simply destroy zombies, but this category is not really limited to this scenario. With that in mind go ahead and explore this interesting category of online games.

Zombie car games are the best

There is no limitations to this category of games. As we already figured out the main idea is to eliminate zombies, but how you are going to do that is strictly on you. You can use regular weapons like guns, shotguns or knives, or you can be more elaborate in your choice and kill zombies with cars, tanks or any other means of transportation. But yet again, the main idea is to have fun and to let the steam off. So go ahead and pick the game to your liking