Candy Mahjong

Candy Mahjong

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Candy Mahjong is a very simple and yet interesting game. The main task in the game is to eliminate different candies and sweets from the game filed by matching pairs of two identical treats. The candies have to be located in close proximity to each other. In some levels you will only be allowed to make vertical or horizontal matches. But you can always click on sweets that are not covered from the top. That is about all the rules.

You will love playing Candy Mahjong

So this game is rather involving just like any other mahjong. But mind the fact that each level has a time bar and you have to clear the screen before time is up. Plus with every new level there will appear more and more new sweets, which makes it a little harder to play.

Time for Candy Moblie game

And the best part is that you can play this game on virtually any contemporary device. This game has a lot of level, so try to finish them all.

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