Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker

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Little farm clicker is not your average clicker game, though the basic rule here is you have to click like there is no tomorrow. But this game is a lot of things at the same time, you can call it an economic strategy with simplified rule of gameplay. But it is indeed addicting. This game can be your first investment lesson. Cause here you can see how smart investments work. The more money you invest the more and quicker you get back. So choose wisely what you want to upgrade on your farm. Also there are insane amount of upgrades here. And every upgrade can be purchased for in game money. And in return for spending those money you can make even more money. It is a snowball effect which sucks you in. Little farm game is very addicting, but so interesting. Ana a great bonus is that while you shopping for upgrades in the store the time keep ticking and you keep earning money. Well you will love this game.

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