2020 Connect

2020 Connect

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2020 connect is a great example of interesting logic game. In this game you not only relaxing from hustle and bustle of your everyday life but you also training your brain. And this is a real find among games. Cause not everyday you get lucky to find something that is both useful and fun. But beware this is a really addicting games so you might get stuck playing it for hours, long hours of endless fun.

2020 connect online

So you will be playing on the field where tiles are shaped like honeycomb. What you need to do is to join 4 tiles with the same digit and of the same color. If any of the side of the tile is touching another identical tile this means that they are connected. Now once you connect our of them, they will join into one tile that is the sum of all four or more. And so you keep trying to connect them all until you get the highest score. Though it might sound simple and primitive, but it is not and this is what makes this game so much fun to play.

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