2020 Blocks

2020 Blocks

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If you are a fan of original tetris games you will absolutely love 2020 blocks. It is based on the tetris but with some slight differences. First of all it is themed just like lego. Yeah that is right the game that all the kids simply love to play and make stuff out of it. So here we have a collaboration of two best things from childhood. What can be better than some good feeling of nostalgia.

Great block game for people of all ages.

So as we already figured out that this is sort of tetris. But in this one you pick the spot you are going to place the block, it does not fall from the top and you are not really pressed on time. Just like in the original game you need to create full lines occupied by blocks in order to earn points and to remove those lines from the screen. Even if you still don’t understand what needs to be done, don’t worry, just click on the game and watch the instructions to it. Good luck!

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