Games for girls

Merry Township

Merry Township

Merry Township is a really cool game for girls. It has this nice relaxing soundtrack to it that makes you fall in love with this game. Your main goal will be to find the ..
Shopping Mall Makeover

Shopping Mall Makeover

Little princess are future housewifes, but who knows some of you will become business ladies and sometimes business can be a dirty job. So the task in this game is to cle..

Online gaming world gives you an unbelievable opportunity to enjoy all kinds of games for free. But there is a certain group of games that can be singled out among the rest, they are called games for girls.

Every little princess is special in her own unique way. And we on Playmobigames understand that like no one else. We try to pick the best online games for girls to satisfy the needs of everyone. There is virtually endless amount of possible dreams and opportunities in the html gaming. And our goal is to cover all the possible angles.

Let’s start with the most simple characters like Disney princess. Basically every girl dreams to become one or at least to hang around with one. And that dream can come true right here as we have a great collection of games of this nature. Moving further there are other cartoons and their characters who are really likeable and yet again you can find them right here on this very website.

Types of games for girls

But only girls games are not limited to characters of cartoons and everything associated with them. This beautiful word is so much bigger and more diverse. There are a lot of specific entertainments that are most likely will be suitable for girls, but who knows we live in a brave new world. Majority of girls will definitely be interested in Barbie games, where you will be able to take care the world’s most famous doll. Or how about cooking games, even though it might sound somewhat stereotypical, but the numbers speak for themselves. Obviously we can not forget about makeup and dress up games, these ones are definitely the most popular among girls. There are also whole series with its own characters and stories devoted specially to this genre. Among the most famous there is Monster High or Sara’s Cooking Class.

Oddly enough but there are even cleaning games for those future housewifes, who would love to take care of their family nest. Or pet care games are also popular among little princess, but those games are definitely can be related anyone.

Discover this beautiful world

In this category we try to find games for all age categories. Starting from the smallest gamers who would preferer some of My Little Pony adventures. And up to the younger generation who is generally more interested in fashion and shopping games. Play HTML5 games for girls and have fun.