Bubble Shooter HD

Bubble Shooter HD

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So the bubble shooter HD is nothing but your classic shooter game where you need to pop colored balls. In order for you to pop a ball you need to make a line out of at least three balls of the same kind. It is not that hard, what is actually hard is to aim at those balls. But if you will use mouse cursor as an aim after several attempt you will become better at aiming.

Bubble Shooter Online is Fun For Everyone

The cool thing about this game is that you can bounce the ball you are shooting from the wall. This way you can omit the obstacle and hit the balls that are hard to reach. Also if you manage to build a line of three and eliminate the balls while leaving a group of balls hanging in the air, those balls will be eliminated as well. So plan your aiming accordingly.

Time for Bubble Shooter in HD

Ok so the rules of this bubble shooter are pretty much the same as of any other one out there. The gameplay might be slightly different, but this is only for the better. So do not hesitate any longer and try out this cool online game.

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