Ninjas Assault

Ninjas Assault

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Ninja assault is a great example of a perfect arcade game. It as simple as it can get, but at the same time very addicting. Hardly you start playing you realize you can just stop, as you know that you can do better on the next run. And so you spend hours playing.

Ninjas Assault Online Arcade

Your main task in ninjas assault game is to throw shuriken, a special knife, into your enemies. There are thousands of them who are trying to harm you. Some of them are quicker than the others, but don’t give up. For every hit enemy you will get points and if you hit enemies without missing a shot you will get bonus points per enemy. This way you will be able to set up new records.

Great game about ninjas

You have to stay concentrated and yet very relaxed, be lighter than air and faster than lightning. Hit your enemies right in their heart. Good luck!

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