Feed the Figures

Feed the Figures

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Very bright and cartoonish looking game for those of you who appreciates arcade games. But at the same time doesn’t mind to think a little bit. So essentially feed the figures is an logic arcade. Where all the controls are carried out with left button of the mouse or a simple tap on the screen. But though it might sound kind of easy it is not quite so.

How to play Feed the figures online

In the top left corner you can see the objects that you are allowed to use, and they appear in a certain order. Now you need to think where you are going to drop those object. And of course you need to concentrate on the order you are doing so. If your first step turns out to be wrong you’ll have to start from the beginning.

Feed the figure - the game for the smart

Now that you know what to expect from this game make sure you are prepared to think a little bit. Good Luck.

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