Color Element

Color Element

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Color Element is something really special for you here. The game that will make your palms sweat, like a lot. It would be a big lie if I told you that this game is easy to play it is quite the opposite and this is what makes it so interesting. If you ever heard or may be even played Fluffy Bird then you must know what I am talking about here. The definition would be the different kind of hard.

Color Element Game is Something Different

No speaking of gameplay it is rather simple or is it simple at all. All you need to do in this arcade game is to press left button of the mouse that is basically it. But not quite really. Your task is to bounce the ball and to go through geometric figures by color. So if you have a yellow ball you can only go through yellow objects. And of course you will need to learn how to properly bounce that magic ball.

Color Element Online

This is a great arcade that is based on original color switch game, but this is sort of a fresher and better version. You better be prepared to lose a lot at first before you can master this game.

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