Cookie Crush 3

Cookie Crush 3

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You must be a real fan of three in a row games if you ended up on this page. Cookie crush online is another variation of famous candy crush game. So as you could guess from its name this game is themed around cookies and all sort of pastries. Honestly this really wakes up my sweet tooth craving. This game is extremely bright and full of all sorts of bonuses.

The Best Cookie Crush Game

It is truly the best game from the series, it is much brighter, the graphics is so much better and it has just a ton of bonuses in it. In case you do not know how to play this game, it is very simple you need to create row of three identical pastries. But don’t worry in the beginning of the game there is an explanation of the controls.

Are you ready for this mouth watering experience?

This game not only very fun to play but it is very addicting. It will take long hours of your free time and you will enjoy every moment of your gameplay. And as a side effect you might crave a cookie for yourself.

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