Candy Rain 5

Candy Rain 5

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I hope you are ready for Candy Rain 5. Because it is surely ready for you. In this game you will have to earn different amounts of points. For extra points you will be rewarded with coins. Also you will be able to open daily bonuses. And your performance will be graded on 3 point scale which is also important. It is simply impossible to get bored.

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So this 3 in a row game is a real treasure. It will turn your world upside down. Once you start playing it you will not be able to stop this is how good this game is. The rules are very simple. All you need to do is to swap two candies places so that such an action would create a line with three candies of the same kind. If you do so you get the points and those sweets are eliminated from the screen.

Let it Rain Candies

This game is a real saga crush. The candies are so pretty that you almost want to eat them and the music is rather friendly. So you are guaranteed to have great mood while playing this game.

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