Aqua Blitz 2

Aqua Blitz 2

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All you fans of three in a row games online Aqua Blitz 2 is a great game for you. It is really bright and colorful, has amazing soundtrack and full of entertaining levels. What is really great about this game is that on different levels you have different tasks that need to be accomplished. So on most level you only need to concentrate on certain object and you can pretty much neglect the others, is it great?

Rules of Aqua Blitz 2 Match 3 Game

In case you don’t know how to play this kind of games, it is not a big deal. All you need to do is to pair objects of the same kind, actually you need to line them up so there are at least 3 of them in a row. There can be more than 3 objects in one line, that way you will earn more points. In some cases you can even swap objects places if such an action creates two 3 in a row lines.

It is time for a new record

Now you know what to expect from this game and how to actually play it. All you need to do is click that play button and start enjoying the process.

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